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I am super happy to announce that my book The Queen Of Thorns has won the 2020 Canada Book Awards.

This is the second year in a row that I have won this award. Last year for my book They Walk Among Us and now this year for The Queen Of Thorns. 


I am super proud of myself and my writing and will have more writing announcements soon for you, my lovely readers.


They Walk Among Us

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A bridge, A River, A Hill,

All hide dark secrets within.

With torture blood would spill,

Revealing another's sin.

Now forced to roam our world,

Hidden in plain sight.

In a horrid netherworld,

Causing chaos and strife.

But it is time to tell their tale,

No matter the consequence.

For one time they will lift the veil,

And tell the truth behind the fraudulence.

Once upon a time and happily ever after,

Is not the tale that will be told.

It is one that killed the laughter,

And forces your blood to run cold.

A Jumbled Mess,

A Thundering Storm.

Anxiety and Stress,

All in a Colorful Brainstorm.

Creativity and Art,

Worlds and Lives Are Born.

Out Bleeds My Heart,

In Ink and Pages I am Reborn.

Donna J.A. Olson

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