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The Backstory?

April 6, 2017

I cannot tell you how many times I have been asked if I am going to write an autobiography. That because of my writing I must have stories of my own, about my life that I have to tell. In truth, no I do not. I have never wished to write an autobiography or to have someone else write a biography about me. I just do not see my life as being this epic autobiography that everyone wishes to read about.


I have never had an epic love story, (in truth I do not think I would want one). I do not want a love filled with pain, heartache or never ending romance but just a simple love that will last my lifetime. I do not have this idealistic view on love, and that is why my romances that I write are filled with a true love not a fairy tale unrealistic version of it. There is nothing wrong with a normal love, and it is much more believable then a love that has no pain, fighting or loops to jump through. It is also much more entertaining an immersible. 

 As most of you already know I do not simply write romance, but fantasy, paranormal, historical fiction, YA, and dark poetic fiction. But once again none of these ways of writing speak to the life that I myself have lived. I have not lived a dark and jaded life, nor have I lived a life filled with pain, or wrapped in my own fantasy world. I simply am imaginative, and have been since I was very young. I just never grew out of imagining the world in various different ways.


But then there is also a truth in what I write, that while it is imaginative it is also relatable. It makes it easier for my readers to immerse themselves in my stories and almost become a part of it. But the way I write has nothing to do with how I grew up or how I have lived my life up into this point. I will not lie and claim to have had a perfect life because everyone has suffered pain and heartache in their life. I have lost friends in terrible ways and way to young and I have dealt with bullying like many others. But I have an amazing family who is always there for me and support me no matter what I wish to do with my life. I did not grow up in a world of pain nor in a world of fairy tales, but a very normal and realistic life. 


The fact that I am 22 years old also has nothing to do with how I write. I have been creating stories since I have been very young, and you do not need to experience all of life before you can tell amazing stories. I love creating new lives with my words and writing, new places and even new love. I may be only 22 but if you read my work with an open mind you would see that age does not matter, and you do not have to personally live a hard life to be able to write pain, sadness, fear and all other emotions properly. You simply need to know how to feel what your characters are feeling and think how your characters are thinking. This is a talent, not having to have lived these things but still being able to properly write about it.


My backstory has nothing to do with my writing, but my writing has everything to do with me. These works I create do have a way of changing my life in a way, but not because I have suffered something dark. They change me because with each word I write I myself grow as a person and a writer. My writing matures but not to a point where it no longer sounds like me. Backstory means nothing in my writing when it comes to my backstory and I have no plans of ever writing an autobiography about my normal life.

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