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Every No Gets You Closer To Your Yes

June 15, 2017


One thing that you learn as a writer is that you have to learn to be able to take criticism well, especially if you decide to go the traditional route when trying to get published. You will be told no, probably alot to at first, and sometimes it can be done in a very rude manner.


The choice you need to make is, is that no or those many no's going to discourage you and stop you from writing? Because I guarantee that when you finally get that yes it is amazing, and you feel like you deserve it because you worked hard for it. Just like every author before me I have been told no from publishers but that just makes me want to work harder the next time and bring back something even more amazing. And those times that I finally receive my 'yes' from publishers makes me feel so accomplished because I know I earned it with all of my hard work.


With every 'no' I receive I will work harder to earn that 'yes' the next time. I will know that I earned it and because my writing is that good. So do not be discouraged by the no's that you recieve, because you do not know when that yes will be coming.

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