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September 26, 2017

As many of you know, this week is Banned Books Week. Now this is something that I don't really have to complain about for where I live because I was lucky. I went to a Catholic school in a small town but we didn't really have any banned books. We had everything in our library from horror, murder mysteries, fantasy, witches, drug use, sex, violence and so many other types of books. Now this was surprising to me especially when I spoke to one of my friends from the city and she told me that different books that I read are banned at her school. Things like Twilight, Harry Potter, Ellen Hopkins books, goosebumps and so many others were banned at her school. Which was a public school in the city, but my Catholic school in the small town did not feel the need to ban books.


That leads us to the question of WHY?  Why do we need to ban books at all? It is sp true that some books should have an age limit just like movies do, but that also depends on the child. Some are more advanced in knowledge and attitude then others. For example I started reading Harry Potter when I was in grade 1 ( I learned to read at 3 so I was very advanced in my books) while most of my friends didn't start reading those books until they were grade 6. But there was nothing wrong with reading harry potter that young, ellen hopkins books though should be for teenagers and adults because of the issues that they deal with and how descriptive they are. 


Banning books will not stop us from reading them if we want to, but it will harm the generations to come because you are taking away these instrumental stories that could make these kids love reading. Bring back all books. Bring back choice, because I guarantee that these kids watch worse things on TV then they will ever read in a book and at least a book will teach them something.

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