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Best Deals For Books

June 28, 2018

So as you all know I live in Northern Alberta, but I am so far north that the closest book store is still a couple of hours away. This is really annoying for someone like me who loves to read and wants to get the books as soon as they come out.

So because of this I started shopping online, where you can get some amazing deals. First off, I joined so that they literally pay me to do online shopping. I know it sounds like there should be some kind of catch, but there isn't. You join and then choose which store you want to shop at and a percentage of what you pay for your order you get back through ebates. If you buy your books on Kobo, chapters indigo, amazon, or Barnes and noble you can use ebates first and get money back just for buying books. I use it all the time and have recieved hundreds of dollars back for buying things that I would have bought anyway.


If you want to join, use this referral and start earning cash back on things you would have purchased anyway: Cash Back Sign Up  


Another great deal for readers online is Kobo. I sell all of my books through Kobo and I read other author's on it all the time, so I love it both as a writer and a reader. On Kobo you can read books or listen to audio books. Books are always coming on for amazing deals and you can find lots of free ebooks as well. Great way to read a lot without having to find room to store books. Even better is that when you sign up they give you a $5 rebate to get $5 off your purchase.


If you are not already a member, use the link and sign up for Kobo for amazing books and amazing deals:

Sign Up For Kobo  



We readers have to stick together to find the best deals to read.

Until next time,

Donna J.A. Olson 

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